Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia

The Indonesian Energy Conservation and Efficiency Society

Why we need energy efficiency and conservation

Today, the development and utilization of clean energy have become even more compelling to reduce carbon emission caused by the burning of fossil fuels, the depletion of fossil energy sources, and the ever growing demand of energy to meet the need of the economic development, a strong economic growth will consume more, energy but at the same time it requires strong efforts in energy efficiency and conservation, during the recent years, Indonesia’s energy need has been increasing at the rate of 7-8% annually following its economic growth which reached the average of 5 % during the last five years. The government is even expecting the growth will continue at the rate of 6-7 % in the coming years, the growth of the energy need is usually trailing at 2-3 % above the national economic growth rate. Meanwhile the national energy policy have been focusing more on building the power generation capacity to meet the electricity demand, and importing petroleum fuels to meet the needs of the transportation sector. Such policy is deemed to be unsustainable. Therefore, we believe that the national energy strategy needs to be changed by paying more attention to the demand side of the energy economic, in order to better meet the ever increasing energy needs for sustainable development. In other words, it is time for Indonesia to develop clear and effective strategy on energy efficiency and conservation to help achieve the goal of having national energy security and resilience in the years to come.

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