Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia

The Indonesian Conservation and Energy Efficiency Society

MASKEEI's Missions

  1. Gathers all parties having interests in securing and keeping sustainable energy supply and demand always in balance for the benefit of the sustainable development

  2. Advocates conservation of energy resources and energy efficiency in all sectors of the national economy

  3. Promotes technology and its application to improve efficient use of energy to meet the goals of energy conservation for sustainable development

  4. Takes an active and critical role as a partner to the government in the framework of strategic policy making, and help ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the policies and programs implementation toward achieving Indonesia’s energy security and resilience.

  5. Encourage and support the capacity building of the Indonesian society to carry out the best efforts in the implementation of energy efficiency measures leading to conservation of energy resources and of achieving economic competitiveness in the global market.