Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia

The Indonesian Conservation and Energy Efficiency Society

Members' Benefits

  1. By becoming part of MASKEEI’s organization, members will get opportunities in being involved in the making and improving of the government policies and regulations on the energy sectors in general, and particularly in the energy efficiency and conservations issues for sustainable development.
  1. Members will have the opportunities to join diverse Forums, Working Groups and Events established or organized by MASKEEI, where professionals, business actors, regulators and academics gather to discuss in depth the various issues on energy efficiency and conservation, energy demand management, government policies, technological advancements and best practices in implementing the policies and efforts.
  1. By joining MASKEEI, members will have ample opportunities to build and extend their network of business relations and peer of professionals for the enhancement of their own energy related business or professional interests.
  1. Members will be able to join capacity building programs established by MASKEEI, or organized in collaborations with other organizations in the fields of energy services, energy audit, and energy management. Some programs will lead to internationally recognized certification.
  1. Members will have the right to use the services of MASKEEI’s Secretariat on matters related to organizing meetings with their business or professional clients or peers, for the interests of enhancing efforts in the energy efficiency and conservation. They will also have the right to use MASKEEI’s website and Social Media for communicating their business or professional interest to MASKEEI’s audiences and stakeholders.