Masyarakat Konservasi dan Efisiensi Energi Indonesia

The Indonesian Conservation and Energy Efficiency Society

Energy Efficiency for Household (EEH) Working Group

The Need for Efficiency in Household Working Cycle

Household consumes energy for a lot of activities : cooking, lighting, heating, cooling, and others. Urban household tends consuming “latest energy” for cooking by LPG, natural gas, solar energy, and electricity, otherwise at the rural remains traditional energy to be applied such as charcoal, firewood and coal briquettes. Urban society tends to use the latest due to preferences of lower expense, environment-friendly, and easy-to-get.

Energy consumption on household increased rapidly, in-line with household income (Pitts dan Ashby, 2011; Miah et al., 2010). While traditional energy consumption such as firewood, kerosene, and charcoal decreased along with increasing household income (Hughes-Cromwick, 1985; World Bank, 2003; Heltberg, 2005; Shittu et al., 2004, Rajmohan dan Weerahewa, 2007).

Other interesting fact that household with information technology mastery as well as their own to communication device such as handphone, landline phone, and personal computer totally consumed less energy  than others who did not. The circumstances describe positive contribution of Information Technology to energy consumption
level (e-ISSN 2406-9280 DOI: )

The potential of energy waste in Indonesia remains under domination by household sector. Ex Director of Energy Conservation – Directorate General of New, Renewable and Conservation Energy (EBTKE) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Farida Zed, said that one of causes to energy waste in household sector was inefficienct behavior of energy consumption and irrelevant of need. (

1 Antonius Widiarso Wasekjen MASKEEI HEEW Coordinator
2 Didik Heriyantoro Solar Jaya Solar Water Heater Product
3 Abednego Budi Hartono PT. Ascon Multi Pratama Smart Home System & Automation
4 Edi Tekat PT. Synberta Utama Lighting
5 Tommy Widyastama Nugraha Panasonic Home Appliances
6 John Manoppo Aperlindo Chairman of Indonesian Lighting Association
7 Heri Setiawan PT. Adyawinsa Adya Solar
8 Budi Prasetio PT. Wika Energi Solar Water Heater, PV Module
9 Kesuma Agung Saputra PT. ECS Raya Battery, Inverter, UPS, PV Module
10 Bayu Prasidha Schneider Electric Building & Home Automation
11 Ali Subroto Panggung Electric Chairman of Indonesian Telematics Equipment Industry Association
12 Dharma Solar Quest PV Module Manufacturer
13 Friga Siera Ragina IIEE Energy Researcher for clean energy and energy efficiency\
14 Don Kamarga Produsen B-Panel Energy-Efficient & Quake-Resistant Building System
15 Yunardi Natsir Tokoh Masyarakat Nasional Democrat Party member in  energy sector
16 Teddy Tjan Sanken Corp Consumer Electronics Manufacturer
17 Matthew Sacha Home & Building Automation Practitioner IoT Expert
18 Verena Streitferdt Pertiwi Consulting Conduct research on EE finance and RE incentive mechanisms
19 Jon Respati Ketum MASKEEI Chairman of MASKEEI
20 Tulus Abadi YLKI Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Indonesiar
21 Amelia Benda Secretary MASKEEI MASKEEI Secretariat

Working Group Agendas (Working Cycle)


1.Energy Efficiency & Conservation Campaign (March 2020 to May 2020)

2.Smart Technology in Household Sector (June 2020 to August 2020)

3.IEECCE 2020 (September to December 2020) (Tentative due to Covid-19 pandemic)

4.Propose & Submit White Paper (September 2020 – November 2020)